the fashion blogging world is an intimidating one to enter.
a part of me feels intimidated to post here, i wonder to myself, what if no one reads this?
then i wonder to myself, what if people do read this?
do i want people to see me?
do i want that kind of attention?
what is the point?

for the past year, this blog has undergone various:
name changes
url changes
topic changes
layout changes

i wanted this blog to mean something.
even if no one reads it, i want it to mean something to me.

like my blog,
for the past year, my life has undergone various changes.
new career goals
new friends
new obstacles
new perspectives

i wanted my life to mean something.
because at the end of the day, my life, is all i have that's truly my own.

so maybe its cliche to "start a blog"
maybe its silly to desire such attention to myself.
maybe its just buying into a trend.
maybe i'm not even cut out for the blogging world.

or maybe it'll be life changing.
its worth a risk.

is all about enjoying life &
finding what you love, what you're good at, + what inspires you.
we promote dreamers, artists, aspiring writers,
anyone with a dream.

its a journey of self discovery for me
but i also hope it somehow,
touches someone.
even just one of you.


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