youth without youth


earrings i just love

"hangman we played,
blind man's bluff 'til they stopped the game.
youth without youth,
born without time"
by metric
hear it here

everyone has their own sort of taste when it comes to jewelry.
personally i love things that are subtle but unique!
i'm not the boldest of dressers, i wish i could be and i envy those girls who can rock awesome styles, but since i know that's not me, i try to show my personality through my jewelry.
when i was younger i collected tiffany jewelry because what young girl doesn't love tiffany's?
and of course i still love the little robin egg blue box,
but now i decided i want my jewelry to be less commercial and much more personal.

these are just a few examples of what would really catch my eye
when it comes to earrings. which ever since i got my ears pierced, have been
my favorite piece of jewelry!
i love it when people notice my silly studs or interesting earrings.
its so subtle, yet someone saw the playful aspect (:
just makes me happy.


something good can work


sunshine daisies butter mellow

something good can work
two door cinema club
the twelves remix
hear it here

"its been a lot to change
but you will always get what you want"

whats in this look
hat - ralph lauren, shoes - mia,
shirt - rvca, skirt - top shop.

a little bit of height goes a long long way.
to me, nothing screams summer like a pair of espadrille wedges!

lately, everything has been changing rapidly.
my dog sunny, whom i've lived with for 8 years of my life is going to go live with my brother from now on, all the way in berkeley, ca - which is a 6-8 hour drive from los angeles.
in addition, i'm moving out of the house i've lived in for 20 years of my life to be in downtown la's arts district. which is both exciting and frightening for me.

i'm moving because of my career,
there's nothing left for me in orange county, which is where i've been living and commuting from everyday for the past three years. there are so many opportunities in los angeles that i miss out on because despite being neighboring counties, the insane traffic makes its worlds away at times.
so fingers cross that this is a smart move, and i won't be too home sick.

this outfit is very orange county.
its inspired by my hometown and background in the sunny county full of beautiful beaches.
this is something i would wear when i'm in laguna or newport walking amongst the art galleries or enjoying an ice cream on the sand.
this is a outfit that i would wear with all my childhood and adolescent friends whom spent hours upon hours with me growing up, having fun, and learning who we are together.
this outfit goes out to nostolgia,
this outfit is a tribute to the past, and a salut to the future.


instant crush


love nail tree purchase

instant crush
by daft punk
hear it here

"i didn't want to be the one to forget
i thought of everything i'd never regret"

THE CITY necklace from LOVE NAIL TREE - $28
i absolutely love this necklace, i've worn it pretty much every day since i got it in the mail! its an online store, but the shipping was really smoothly and i got my necklace within a week of purchase!
the quality is really really good for the price, i believe it is made of brass? and the design is just so cute, especially being a los angeles native! 

is an awesome online store selling t-shirts & jewelry
for both men & women!
check it out here

the owner & designer of love nail tree
is michelle & her husband from
who you've probably heard of, but if not, you should definitely check out her blog! she has a lovely style and great taste! i actually know michelle personally, because we interned together at and she is one of the sweetest and prettiest girls i've ever gotten the pleasure to work with! so if you aren't already familiar, go check her out.


punching in a dream


*i had this posted on my wordpress on june 27, 2013 because at the time i was going to switch to using primarily wordpress, but after careful consideration i decided to continue using blogger as my primary source of posting!*

punching in a dream
song by the naked and famous
hear it here

"bright lights turn me clean, this is worse then it seems"
this is a really casual outfit, i used to be a "true religions" only type of gal, but i've outgrown that gaudy look and so most of my jeans now are just levis or jeggings.
more recently, i decided i wanted to not be so boring in dressing
so i'm starting to buy pants/jeans that are printed or colored!
these pants are the best buy i've made all year long.

in this post:
leopard print jeans from saks fifth avenue
nude cut out heels from s h o e s in taiwan
hamsa muscle tee from attic2zoo
snake belt from vintage store


the lion's roar


july fashion wish list

"the lions roar,
is something that i've heard before.
a children's tale, the lonesome wail of a lion's roar"
-first aid kit
hear it here

hold all purse (wallet)
mint 1940s dress
kate spade circle sunglasses
bad ass heart garter
cute hooded winters coat
hexagon knuckle rings
vintage blue lace dress
ballerina circle skirt

i've been dying to revamp my personal style
& these are some pieces i would add to my closet if i could.
what are you wanting this month?


walking backwards


hey, it's gym time!
the song i chose for this post's title is relevant because at the gym,
i always spend at least 30 minutes on the treadmill.
i read a study once saying walking backwards is a good way to 
relax your calve muscle,
therefore reducing the size of it,
all while creating a nice tone muscle.

walking backwards
by leagues.
hear it here.

"i've been taken by a new emotion, i've been walking backwards"
nike gear are essential for me at the gym!
i used to go to the gym wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts.
but now i go in style.
my theory is, if you go looking cute,
you'll feel more motivated + confident to work your ass off.

in this post:
nike - dri fit - sports bra
nike - free runs 5.0

to be honest i'm the least gym-type girl in the world
so wish me luck!


beauty in a box


every month beauty goodies!
july 2013

usually i only get birchbox but this month because i volunteered at an ipsy event
they sent me a free ipsy bag too which is tres cool.

the salt air perfume smells surprisingly good
excuse the terrible picture quality,
left my camera at my friends house.
hollywood in the eyeshadow is actually purple.

i haven't actually tried these out yet
but i'm tres excited to try the benefit moisture prep toning lotion,
seeing as i had my eye on it for a while!
the sample sizes this month are very generous!
a definite score, if you ask me.


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