Faux Height - Trick Used By Celebrities


 How to Fake Height Without Wearing Heels
Let me introduce you to the beauty of heel insoles!

Ever wonder how some celebs look taller then they actually are? Well, here's the secret! Male and Females use it a like. And its actually pretty affordable and comfortable! Crazy right?

I mean its so perfect because you can't always where heels, they simply tend to be on the more uncomfortable and over dress side of things, plus cute Doc Martens or even warm UGGs are sometimes more preferable then a stiletto! That's when this baby comes in.

Its pretty self explanatory, you buy the insole. Stick them in your shoes, and BAM you're taller. 
The downside though is you have to usually up one shoe size to actually have them fit comfortably, but hey its really worth it! 

I purchased these in Hong Kong, but I'm pretty sure you can get them a lot of places, but to make your life easier, I have found a link for you, where you can get one online! 

Its not the same as the one I have, but they're cheaper!
Click HERE to check!

Hope you guys found this post really interesting (:

xo, shannon marie



  1. What an amazing post! Thank you so much for your tips :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

    1. TEHEHE, you're welcome!
      glad you found it helpful (:



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