I went shopping the other day, well, no, at first I had went to pick up clothes from a previous shopping trip that I had altered, and ended up going shopping. After buying a few things, I got hungry and headed to SOGO (Japanese owned department store) to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. On my way down the escalader I spotted the Lush counter and couldn't resist! (;

 I'm not sure why, its really humid here in Taiwan, yet my lips have been dry and peeling like no other. Its a bit frustrating really. I hate the look of chalky, peeling, shriveled lips. I'm trying to drink lots of water, but for some reason nothing really helps. I put a ton of vasaline on, and in the morning my lips aren't bad, but by mid day, even with the help of chap stick, there still chapped and dried. So I thought I'd try this baby out! 

This is a gentle sugar based scrub that specifically targets the lips. Made from all natural ingredients, Lush boasts that you can lick it right off if you wanted. (I however prefer to wash it off with a wet towel) The one I have tastes like sugary mint & chip ice cream, and it is the second to most hydrating. They have one more that's more oil based, but I found that one too messy. It was priced at around $399NT, I'm not sure how much it is in USD (but I paid about $12USD?). 

I've used it twice now and I find it to be pretty good. It didn't get rid of ALL the dryness, but then again, I didn't want to scrub to hard. It got rid of the majority of the peeling skin, and that's enough for me. I think that scrubs and exfoliates should be a gradual process, so I'm using it every day until all the peeling is gone, and then after that I'll probably only use it once a week. I'm sure there are better lip scrubs out there, but this one is all natural and it smells and tastes amazing. Plus it does work rather well, and that's enough for me. 

I actually asked the lady if she had any chap stick type products, but apparently my Chinese isn't good enough... she showed me this cute little product instead. Although its not what I was looking for, I ended up liking it a lot so I bought it anyways. 

This is, like all Lush products, and all natural product. It smells sweet and has a very sheer shimmery tint. Its actually nice because its pretty hydrating and not sticky, yet still maintains a glossy look. In fact come to think of it, when I wore it today and walked to work, I didn't have the whole "wind blowing my hair into my lip gloss" problem! So that's definitely a bonus to the cuteness right? I really do like the color, and find that although a light pink, it wears really well, and is very easy to apply. Its sort of a mouse like substance, and does not require a lot to cover my entire lips. Its priced at around $300NT. (Which is about $9USD). 

Shannon Marie


  1. i've always thought about trying out lush products, but i always fail to stay long enough in the store bc the smell there is quite overwhelming ...

    anw, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment :)

    x, Connie

    1. it is overwhelming!! but luckily this was just a little counter in a big department store with great ventilation. :D



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