walking backwards


hey, it's gym time!
the song i chose for this post's title is relevant because at the gym,
i always spend at least 30 minutes on the treadmill.
i read a study once saying walking backwards is a good way to 
relax your calve muscle,
therefore reducing the size of it,
all while creating a nice tone muscle.

walking backwards
by leagues.
hear it here.

"i've been taken by a new emotion, i've been walking backwards"
nike gear are essential for me at the gym!
i used to go to the gym wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts.
but now i go in style.
my theory is, if you go looking cute,
you'll feel more motivated + confident to work your ass off.

in this post:
nike - dri fit - sports bra
nike - free runs 5.0

to be honest i'm the least gym-type girl in the world
so wish me luck!



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