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Today's post is a "What's In My Handbag" post, something very popularized on Youtube, and a topic I've definitely become quite fond of! Personally, I feel we are all quite a bit nosey/curious/interested in what other people carry inside their bag. Plus watching/reading these sorts of posts allow us insite and provide ideas for what we can start doing based of other people's experience! So Anywhoo, the blog topic is pretty self explanatory, and so let's get on with it shall we? (Please comment with what you have in your bag!! I'm very interested! <3)

[Quick MINI Reviews On Each Item]
Kate Spade - Wellessley Quinn Handbag
I absolutely love this handbag. It has been the stable of all my outfits these past few weeks using it .(okay so I got it for Christmas but started using it before that....) Its bright pink color is gorgeous and not overdone, the quality is magnificent, and I'm just so in love with it. This bag has two main compartments, separated by a middle section in which there is a zipper for your more important documents/items. Along the wall of the bag there one one side is a zippered mini pocket, and along the other wall is two small pockets that fit things such as cell phones, mirrors, lipsticks, and more. The lining is just as cute as the exterior, it is a canvas-y material, cream color with bronze polka dots all over it! (Cute right?) The only negative comment I can make on the bag is it tends to be a tad bit heavy, but what bag isn't? I think its just more noticeable, when the bag doesn't have a cross body strap for you to be lazy with!

HeyDay Notebooks
So the one in the above picture is green, however, the one in my actual handbag is PINK! It matches better don't you think? In this notebook, I write down all my plans for the weeks, take any notes that aren't subject related, and sometimes I doodle. HeyDay makes the cutest fashionesque notebooks, and the quality is great! I'm not entirely sure where you can purchase these, for I get mine at the FIDM LA Campus, I'm sure there's somewhere online you can find one! 

Tory Burch - Bow Foldable Card Case
When this cute little bad boy came to stores at Tory Burch, I could not contain myself, and with my at the time 60% off Employee Appreciation Sale going on, I had to get it, there is just no way I could resist. It has found itself to be quite useful, I keep my California Drivers License, Credit Card, Important Receipts, Business Cards, Reward Cards, and more in its two little compartments. Why do I need two wallets? I really don't! However, I enjoy having a separate wallet for my License and Credit Card, because if I'm just going out to somewhere I won't need to lug around all my stuff, I can simply take this little guy and I'll be free to drive, and safe in case I run into any trouble, still have my credit card. The only negative aspect of this card case is the fact that since its patent leather, my finger prints get stuck on its surface, and being "OCD" as I am, I constantly have to wipe it down.

Kate Spade - Pasadena Neda Wallet
My mom picked up this wallet for me along with the handbag. She could of gotten me a pink one, but in the end, she said, "you have too much pink! Green at least clashes with pink in a unmatch-y harmonious manner." Which is pretty true if you ask me! Anyways, the green is also a patent leather, but its not quite as glossy as my Tory Card Case, and so it doesn't stain as easily. The zipper is great, never gives me any big issues, which is so important when it comes to picking up zip continental wallets! There is three nicely sized compartments, and one zipper coin compartment. On each side of the wall there is one big pocket (big enough for cash) and credit card slots, a total of 12 slots. The front of the wallet has the signature Kate Spade rectangular logo, and on the back there is an additional pocket that one can slip a receipt or some cash into when their lazy! There really isn't a negative that I can say about this wallet, I mean I won't say its my favorite wallet, no sir, not after using my Louis Vuitton zip continental, but its more practical and I feel less bad throwing it around, and its definitely cute and convenient. 

Victoria Secret - Pink Glitter Sequin Make Up Case
I got this cutie from one of my best friends, Amanda, for my 19th birthday this passing year. It also came along with a cute folded matching mirror, but I forgot to include it in the above image. The make up bag is a perfect handbag size, and it fits in my bag vertically. Overall size wise, it doesn't hold too much, but I've definitely managed to squeeze everything I needed into it. I'll do a "What's In My Make Up Bag" post soon so you can see how it works! This bag has gotten me so many positive compliments when I've taken it out to use, and why wouldn't they? Its so adorable!

Nature Made - Vitamin C Melts
Although the truth is, taking too many vitamins won't guarantee you a good health, since your body can only actually accept so many vitamins a day. However my doctor said there's no harm in taking Vitamin C considering how insanely sad my imune system is. (Seriously, I get sick so easily its pathetic). These are my favorites though, its yummy and actually sort of fun to eat, so if your looking for some doses of Vita C, definitely check these out! I got mine at Costco.

Tory Burch - T-Logo Umbrella
I bought this umbrella during the 60% off Employee Sale as well, it was raining, and I had to walk across the street to get to my car, so I thought heck why not? Turns out the rain stopped when I got out of the mall, so I've yet to actually use it in the rain. One of my closest friends, Edgardo, however has used his and he has nothing but great things to say about the way it holds up in the rain. Edgardo is from Colorado, and since the weather there is clearly crazier then the weather we get in SoCal, I trust his umbrella critic. Anyways, it fits in my bag pretty perfectly, the handle pops out a bit, but I keep it off to the side of the handle and it gives me no issue. It comes with a cute leather strap and a sleeve, which I absolutely love, because it just makes me feel like I got a good quality item for my money's worth. So if your in the market for a good umbrella, check out Tory Burch! They have tiny ones as well, but I like my slightly bigger sized one better!

Thank you guys for reading!
Hope you enjoyed this and that my mini reviews are helpful!
Stay tuned for a What's In My Make Up Bag post!

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