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I hope this post finds you all very very well! Todays post is about my current nail polish that was actually done by yours truly, and not some asian lady that tries to haggle you! [I joke] As you can tell by the post title, its a Ombre Nail Look, which some might say is passe, since that trend hit the train and left town quite some time ago, but in my opinion, what's trending is just a guideline, if it fits your style, why not keep it and wear it proudly? [Of course certain fads are just not meant to stay, so please pick and choose with taste and class]

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So this nail kit was picked up in America at a local Korean beauty store that sells lots of Asian beauty products such as Shiseido, Laneige, and much more. This nail kit is made by a brand called Peripera, which I had not heard of until now, but after a little bit of research, aka googling, I found that it is a quite popular Korean brand that sells the cutest make up/beauty products! [Check it out HERE]

This specific line from Peripera has a ton of different nail kits, some that create multiple looks depending on how you mix and match the nail polishes that it comes with. This specific one was in my mom and I's eye cuter and more my style, since its pink and I absolutely adore the color pink! Although I don't read Korean, the directions as you can see above, were pretty self explanatory  and all I had to do was follow the example. The nail polish is very easy to apply, has a great amount of pigment, and the glitter picks up very well! All important aspects to a good nail polish. Another aspect that I really enjoy about this nail polish is the glossy effect it has, even prior to applying the top coat, it had the perfect sheen to it, imitating the effect you get when you do a gel soak-off manicure! Which is tres awesome considering gel soak-off manicures are damaging to your nail layers and the fact that you have to stick your fingers in acetone, a damaging poisonous chemical!, for almost half an hour! To have a less damaging product that is just as pretty is just a win in my point of view!

My only complaint is not against Peripera, they did a wonderful job. The negative aspect comes in the fact that currently my nails are recovering from harsh chemicals that are used when you do acrylic, crystal, and gel nails. (All which I did the last past year). I've been treating my nails and trying to heel them for the last few months and so this is the first time I really did my nails in a while! Anyways, my point is my nails are currently cut down very short to prevent breakage, and ombre nails just don't look quite as good on short nails! Secondly, I feel like my skin tone simple does not match hot pink that well, and so it makes my hands look more olive then I'd prefer! (You can't really tell in the picture, but in person my hands look darker then they are). But really these are my only negatives, and they're more on the personal side, so I still suggest you guys try these out! Or even a different Peripera nail polish kit!

If you guys want to buy it online click RIGHT HERE to go to this Amazon Vendor!

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