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Hello everyone, I cannot believe how fast January has come and gone! It seems like only yesterday I was watching Sex In The City with my best friend and while waiting for the countdown. The best thing about the end of the month, in my humble opinion, is the awesome monthly favorites blogs and vlogs! So here's mine, and I can't wait to see yours! (:

[Stila Eyeliner in the color Stingray]
This baby has been with me for the past few years, not the same exact one, in fact, for a good majority of 2012 I forgot about him. It wasn't until I bought my Stila palette, and it came with a Stingray, did I fall back in love with him. This eyeliner is such a glorious dark pure black color, something I find very rare. It stays on my eyes for the majority of the day, and that's saying a lot considering my skin type is the kind in which make up mysteriously disappears off my face. The texture of this eyeliner is very creamy when applied and dries firm. I definitely suggest you try this one, if you've been looking to splurge on a nice dark black kohl liner! I like it better then MACs. Buy it HERE for $20. 

[L'Occitane Hand Cream]
If you've been searching for a hand cream that's worth the hype, search no further! This shea butter formula hand cream is not sticky, has a descent smell, and keeps your hand staying nice and hydrated. Personally its not my favorite smell, my favorite being Soap and Glory's hand cream scent, however, the smell does not irritate or bother me. Buy the travel size (1.0 oz) HERE for $10, or splurge for the full size (5.2 oz)  for $28. 

[Burt's Bees Chapstick in Refreshing Pink Grapefruit]
I'm not sure what it is about the scent of grapefruit, but it makes me happy! So when Amarixe on youtube mentioned this in one of her favorites and again in her travel make up bag video, I had to go to my local Target and pick it up! I knew I was going to love it so I bought it in the double pack, and was luckily, not disappointed. The formula is not the most impressive, but it keeps my lips hydrated enough, I much prefer the Elizabeth 8 Hour Stick to this, but this one smells so delicious, I can't help but to keep using it! Plus I'm currently in the humid Taiwan, and not in the dry Southern Californian wind, so my lips aren't quite as dry. Pick it up at your local drugstore for $2.99. 

[Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation]
This is one of my favorite powder foundations, so much so that I hurried to Target right before leaving for Taiwan to make sure I had it for my trip. The color I use for myself is the color nude. This foundation meets up to its name, "Pure Stay" for I haven't had any issues with it not staying on my face. Of course I usually use a thicker layer of moisturizer or a make up primer before applying the powder foundation with my Sephora Mineral Powder Foundation Brush. It is such an affordable price point, yet it does such a great job. The coverage is a medium coverage, so I do still use concealer accordingly, but my favorite aspect of this foundation is how well it covers any flaws and pores on my face. Additionally it does have SPF 15, which is usually a plus, unless you want to be photographed! Pick this up at your local drug store for $7.99.

[Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette]
I have a review on this already here at FashionPrep, so I won't go into details. The color I use the most on this palette is Walk of Shame, aka W.O.S. It is my favorite of the palette, consisting of a light nude pink color, that goes so well with my MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I love this palette and its a favorite this month, because I can do countless make up looks with it, and still keep my make up professional and natural. Buy it here for $27.

[Digital Point Shoot Camera]
Above I showed the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, which is also the camera I've been vlogging with when I don't want to carry my heavy Canon T3i around town. However, its such an outdated digital camera, that I really just have it in my favorites because I love being able to snap pictures whenever I want. Nothing special about the SD1100, just love point shoots for their handy dandy-ness.

[We Chat App for Smart Phones]
Seeing as I'm overseas for the next few months, having WeChat is a necessity. It allows me to continue texting with my friends, a feature me and my best friend Jamie Sarah definitely take advantage of! What is cool about We Chat is it lets you text, send pictures, and files as usual, and additionally, it doubles as a walkie-talkie sort of tool, in which you can quickly send voice notes to one another. Download this app from Google Play or your Apple App Store!

[NARS Blush in Super Orgasm]
During the earlier Fall/Winter months, I've opted to use more matte dark blushes, since I was getting into that darker mood. However, now that winter has been here for so long, I'm starting to crave sparkle and fun that Spring promises. Therefore I've whipped back out my all time favorite blush, NARS Super Orgasm. I'm pretty sure most of you beauty fanatics out there already know this blush, but for those of you who don't, here's a quick break down. NARS has Orgasm and Super Orgasm. Orgasm I find is a lot more orangey and not very flattering on me, but Super Orgasm, is a peachy pink with much more gold sheen glitters then Orgasm, hence the super! (; Buy it HERE for $28.

[Zookeeper App]
Another tech. favorite! The Zookeeper Game! Its like bejeweled but more intense, cuter, and it turns into a battle with a random player! Check this game out on Google Play or your Apple App Store.

[Tangle Teezer]
When this silly hair brush made its debut on the online world of beauty gurus, I was skeptical. I mean look at it! It looks like a toy! Plus, I didn't think something that plastic looking could do any benefits to my hair. However, when I saw it at my local Sally's Beauty I decided why not try it out for myself. Expecting it to frizz out my hair, I was in utter shock when this brush did quite the opposite and tamed my wild early morning hair! Its such a miracle product, and I can no longer picture life without it! If you don't have one, check it out here!

[Classic Single Knot Elastic Hair Ties]
When these first came into style, I thought they were a silly way to take consumer's money. However after finding out that they promise not to leave that awkward dent/crease in you hair even after having your hair tied up for a long time, I decided to splurge on them. I can't say I can't live without them, but having them around is very convenient  and so they made it to my January Favorites! If you've never tried it out, I would say, if you have the extra dollar to spend on it, why not? However if you don't want to spend that extra dollar to get it, you're not missing out! It does look more chic then your average hair tie when you have it on your arm, but really its still a hair tie, no matter what, its not a fashion statement.

And there you have it, my January Favorites! Can't wait to see everyone else's! (: Hope you guys are all doing well, and please leave a comment below (: If you post a favorites, feel free to send me your link below, I'd love to read it! Thanks for reading!

Shannon Marie


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