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We were preparing for dinner at a fancy restaurant, and so me, my mommy, and my auntie were standing around the elaborate hotel suite bathroom, applying our daily beauty routines. My aunt being a good twenty years younger then my mom, was applying La Mer to her face to the shock of my mom. "If you use that now, what are you going to use when you're my age?" joked my mom. My aunts reply was genius, in fact I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that earlier. "Well, by the time I'm you're age, this will be irrelevant and they have something better out" she said, "Its about preparing for the future, if I start now, I'll be better prepared for when I have to start worrying about the nature of aging." Her words were inspiring, and so from now on, I'm going to better prepare myself for the future. Hence why I've been taking Hydrolyzed Collagen, and why I want to share what it is with you and the benefits of taking it!

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, everything I write below is from my own research and interpretation. I don't guarantee anything, this is simply something I believe in and wanted to share with you guys! Beauty still comes from your own mind, and health is more then supplements but also how you take care of your body! I do not rely on this method, nor should you, see your doctor for more information, or if you have any negative effects when you take this product! I am in no way affiliated with the Oxygenizer brand, I'm simply a customer! All products were paid for from my own money!

The Benefits of Drinkable Collagen:
Around our late 20s, the body stops producing collagen at its full amount. Collagen, is crucial to skin, bone, muscle, and cartilage production! Without collagen, our body begins to deteriorate, and this effects not only how you feel but also how you look! Think when you put on a pair of sunglasses, and when you take them off after a long drive, ever notice two little indents on your nose? After a few minutes, if you're young and full of collagen, the indents go away, however the less and less collagen within your body, the longer it takes for the imprint to disappear! That's just a simple example! Without collagen, your skin begins to lose its bounce and elasticity, without collagen, you're more prone to looking tired and it also allows for wrinkles to deepen and become more evident! 

By drinking collagen, you are ingesting collagen straight to your bloodstreams, and once your body absorbs the collagen, it promotes your body to produce more collagen, which is crucial! You can't get collagen by eating it from your diet, it has to be produced by your own body. So technically we're not taking collagen to replenish our collagen level, we're taking it to get our body to be motivated to produce it. 

Since I'm not yet in my late 20s, I still produce a good amount of collagen, however like my aunt suggests, its good to start young and prepare with my combat with age. If you are older then I am, and find your skin is not as great as it used to be, I really suggest taking collagen, its not too late for anyone! But if you're still young, its good to start now, but make sure you do a bit of research and buy it from a reliable source! I get mine in Asia, because that's where taking collagen as a beauty supplement really began to trend. I believe it was the Japanese that came up with this miraculous anti-aging technique!

Additional Benefits:
(I found these at:

♦ Boosts Collagen Production naturally 

(especially beneficial for sufferers of stickler syndrome)

♦ Revitalises, rejuvenates and regenerates skin

♦ Smooths fine lines and wrinkles, increasing the skin's elasticity
♦ Radically reduces 'crows feet', frown lines and nasal labial lines
♦ Regenerates lean muscle mass thus improving circulation
♦ Dramatically strengthens nails and hair follicles
♦ Reduces arthritic pain and stiffness in joints and muscles
♦ Strengthens cartilage and connective tissue
♦ Helps to carry oxygen through the body
♦ Naturally detoxifies
♦ Helps lose inches where needed and reduce fat mass
♦ Improves the immune system 
♦ Improves endurance and vitality
♦ Improves sleep 

Oxy Snow White • 100% Natural Collagen
So I got this BRAND on the airplane duty free, because it had numerous reviews, it was duty free, and it promised not to have a funny taste. 

I know my aunt that I mentioned before is an adamant believer in the brand FANCL who provide different types of make up, beauty products, skin care, and supplements, which include collagen. Personally, I feel like FANCL, a Korean brand, does better in other parts of Asia than it does in Korea, and that seems shady to me, plus I don't have the means to splurge in FANCL's hefty price point. 

The one thing about the brand I'm using is the name is too hilarious for an English speaker as myself, considering "OXY SNOW" is a nickname for an illegal drug. (If you know what I mean, you'll get it, if not, its all good). I promise you though, this is not an illegal drug, its 100% Natural Collagen! 

NUTRITION FACTS: 349 Calories/Box - 89.5g of Protein/Pack - 0g of Fat - 0g of Carbohydrates - 500mg of Sodium. 

HOW TO USE: 1) Ingest 1-2 Packs/Day for the best results. 2) Add 1 pack into 100-150cc of milk/water, stir well with a spoon or stick. (Following are step by step in picture form)

Begin by preparing all ingredients. 

-Drinking Cup
-Pack of Collagen
-100cc-150cc of Water

And I forgot to include in this picture, but you'll need a spoon or a stick to mix it all together (:

Next, poor 100-150cc of water into your empty cup. 

Here I used a cup measurer, and I used 100cc of water, because personally I find the less water, the quicker I can chug it down!

After a while, you'll get the hang of it, and you probably won't need to measure it out, but instead you can just eye it!

After you have measured your water out, its time to pour in the collagen!

The packet has a little cut on one side, and you can just rip accordingly. Or you can cut it open, if that's what you prefer!

Pour the entire packet into the water cup! You want to get every bit of collagen possible.

Lastly, take a spoon or a stick and mix up all the contents! It might look a little funny if its not fully mixed. So give it a good stir. 

After that, you're good to go and it is ready to be gulped down!

The flavors not bad, but its not exactly enjoyable, so I suggest a quick chug!

Hope you guys found this interesting and useful!

Shannon Marie


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