One of my New Years resolution this 2013 year, is to not skip an issue of American VOGUE. I used to be a devoted reader, thoroughly reading, page by page every issue of VOGUE, but suddenly as school got busy, I only merely skimmed the pages, before tossing it into my vast collection of fashion magazines. Today's post is going to be on my favorite feature from the February 2013 issue. Enjoy!

Title: Magic Kingdom
Features: Georgina Chapman
By: Chloe Malle
Photographed By: Norman Jean Roy
Sittings Editor: Tabitha Simmons

"Magic Kingdom.
Whether designing ethereal Marchesa frocks,
 stepping out with her husband, Harvey Weinstein,
 or putting her two year old to bed,
 Georgina Chapman casts an enchanting spell." 
-Chloe Malle. VOGUE.

This stunning photograph of the every gorgeous Georgina Chapman, with daughter India is the cover photo of this feature, taken by Norman Jean Roy. 
Can you tell Chapman is pregnant? I sure can't! She looks just as beautiful as ever. And how cute is little India? Roy definitely knows how to capture the perfect moments! 

Who is Georgina Chapman? For those unfamiliar to this lovely lady, she is the cofounder AND designer of the one and only Marchesa. (She's partners with Keren Craig, who does the textile behind Marchesa). Chapman is British born, but currently based in New York. OH! And she's also married to the famous American Film Producer, Harvey Weinstein! 

What I loved about this feature is how they not only detailed just how magical her designs can be, but also how seemingly effortlessly magical Georgina Chapman life is as the designer of Marchesa.  
"...Georgina Chapman breezes through the glass doors ahead of her husband, Harvey Weinstein, who lays a protective hand on his wife's back. They advance directly to the step-and-repeat, where photographers bid for the couple's attention... she makes up for her husband's immobility with poised tilts of her head... 'Ohh, thank you!' she says genuinely pleased--and utterly in her element" (Malle). 
Of course, its all about the way she holds herself, things weren't always this easy. Chapman and Craig paid their dues once upon a time. According to the article, Malle points out that eight years ago, when Chapman and Craig were still working in a London Flat, and still a never to be heard of brand, they made their first debut via help of then "just friend" Harvey Weinstein by getting Renee Zellwegger to wear one of their gowns. After that different celebrities of Weinstein were seen on the scene in Marchesa, and the rest is history.

The rest of the article goes on to talk about how Chapman and Craig met, and what brought them together, the inspiration behind Marchesa, the growing of the brand name, and ends by giving a little more personal insight to Georgina Chapman's life with her friends and family. (Plus a peek at India getting her first haircut! Gosh she's adorable) All very interesting, and I highly suggest anyone to go read it for themselves, Malle did such a good job there's no point in me rewording and saying it here!

[Highlighted by VOGUE / My Favorite Quote in the Feature]

"'In a way she is Marchesa, isn't she?' 
her mother, Caroline Wonfor, says thoughtfully. 
'When people wear her dresses, 
they think they're her'"

[Marchesa's Celebrity Following]

Renee Zellweger, 
Cate Blanchett, 
Penelope Cruz, 
Blake Lively 
(who got married to Ryan in a Marchesa!!), 
Jennifer Lopez, 
Kate Hudson, 
Cameron Diaz, 
Selena Gomez, 
Halle Berry, 
Leighton Meester 
Eva Longoria, 
Taylor Swift, 
Miley Cyrus, 
Olivia Wilde, 
Kristen Stewart, 
Nikki Reed, 
Hailee Steinfield, 
& Sandra Bullock.

Look at how different of styles each of those celebrities have! Yet all of them still love Marchesa. Its no wonder in the feature, Malle thought it crucial to include the conversation she had with Chapman and Craig: 
"'It's very hard to pinpoint the Marchesa woman' says Chapman, 'because we have girls buying it for their bat mitzvahs, and then we have 90-year-old women buying the dress' 'And not always different dresses' adds Craig" (Malle)
Everyone loves Marchesa. I think every girl deep down inside loves the feeling of delicate fairy tale elegance. Its a sort of girly that's not overbearing nor sassy. Its simply classy and in my opinion, emits feelings of pure bliss, its definitely magic! (yes i'm insisting on over doing the "magic" motif, please don't kill me!)
left to right: Caroline Trentini, Kasia Struss, Jourdan Dunn, and Miranda Kerr.

Most girls when asked of their dream wedding dress, they say Vera Wang, who's wedding dresses are simply flawless and most definitely worth such hype, however, if you ask me, I want to be wedded in a Marchesa. I want my wedding to be my happily ever after inside my very own MAGIC KINGDOM.

Hurry, go get the February 2013 issue of American Vogue and read this article for yourself! Found on page 246! xx

Shannon Marie


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