Since I'm having Gossip Girl Withdrawals...
This post is dedicated to my style icon Blair Waldorf,
whom I grew up reading and watching, 
and is devastated that the age of Gossip Girl is over. 

Here are my favorite outfits from Season 6!


How can this not be in anyones top favorites? The gorgeous blue, the way it fits Leighton Meester, the entire reason she's wearing, the fact that Chuck Bass is marrying her? That's enough to make it up here! They could not have ended the series with a better dress. However, we mustn't forget to to give praise to Elie Saab for creating this masterpiece! And of course, a special thanks to Jennifer Behr for making this particular "Arielle" headband, and all the other handbands she designed, that Blair has worn over the years. Blair would not be Blair without them.

Dress, Elie Saab-2012-Couture. Headband, Jennifer Behr-Arielle Headband

No. 2

This outfit is from episode seven of season six. I love how it is reminiscent of her own Constance days, but at the same time very grown up and elegant. This one is in my top favorites because I think blair really looks stunning and it reminds me of how proud I am of her and who she has become. Additionally, its an almost all black outfit, bonus points in my book! 

Dress, Almost Certain its McQueen. Shoes, Christian Louboutin. Necklace, Louis Vuiton.


This outfit is everything I want for my closet. Although I'm constantly wearing black, and the majority of my outfits are black, I would die for this outfit, and I wish all my clothes were similar to it. However the only issue is I don't have a trusty ten digit trust fund like Miss Waldorf does, and to really pull a look like this off, its all about the quality of the clothing. So I'm still trying to find some quality yet affordable pieces! Meanwhile I shall drool over Blair. 

Blouse & Skirt, Moschino. Cardigan, Unknown Source.

No. 4

Although its Gucci and ICB, this outfit reminds me a lot of the new Prabal Gurung for Target line coming to Target this month! More so in the fact that theres bright greens and chartreuse + floral-like prints. Can you guess who's going to be online shopping this month all the way from Taiwan? Anyways, I think Blair looks absolutely stunning in bright colors and shirts with a scarf like tie in the front! Gosh I envy her gorgeous figure. She's perfect, not too skinny, yet definitely stunning.

Top, Gucci. Skirt, ICB. Headband, Unknown Source. Necklace, Unknown Source.


Although this is an outfit I highly doubt I'll ever pull off, it is an outfit I love none the less. I love how Blair has so many different looks throughout the show, yet all of them fall together to present her as someone who's daring, elegant, classy, fun, and of course stylish. She wears trends beautifully, and even if its over the top, its never overwhelming. This outfit is such a hard outfit to wear, considering its pastels, pleats, and peplum. The three P's that not everyone can do, yet she does so effortless. ps. the shoes are such a cute touch! Props to Christian Louboutin. 

Shirt, Unknown Source. Skirt, Alice and Olivia. Clutch, Valentino. Shoes, Christian Louboutin.

No. 6

Such gorgeous fall colors. My favorite thing about this entire look is her hair and make up, but I still have to say that I'm very impressed with Jason Wu for being able to turn such a hard to wear color into such a gorgeous dress. However, I can't say I'm surprised that Blair pulled it off so perfectly. The Giada cardigan is definitely a great touch in toning down the outfit and adding even more of the fall motif! Oh and the bag matches so well! I'm pretty sure its a Bulgari, because I recently took a good look at Bulgari bags, because I'm so unfamiliar with them. Props to the stylist of Gossip Girl. xo

Dress, Jason Wu. Cardigan, Giada. Bag, Bulgari.

Thanks for reading!
I'm going to do it.
I can't help it....
I mean come on! Its a Gossip Girl Themed Post!!!

here it goes:


Shannon Marie


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