punching in a dream


*i had this posted on my wordpress on june 27, 2013 because at the time i was going to switch to using primarily wordpress, but after careful consideration i decided to continue using blogger as my primary source of posting!*

punching in a dream
song by the naked and famous
hear it here

"bright lights turn me clean, this is worse then it seems"
this is a really casual outfit, i used to be a "true religions" only type of gal, but i've outgrown that gaudy look and so most of my jeans now are just levis or jeggings.
more recently, i decided i wanted to not be so boring in dressing
so i'm starting to buy pants/jeans that are printed or colored!
these pants are the best buy i've made all year long.

in this post:
leopard print jeans from saks fifth avenue
nude cut out heels from s h o e s in taiwan
hamsa muscle tee from attic2zoo
snake belt from vintage store



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