instant crush


love nail tree purchase

instant crush
by daft punk
hear it here

"i didn't want to be the one to forget
i thought of everything i'd never regret"

THE CITY necklace from LOVE NAIL TREE - $28
i absolutely love this necklace, i've worn it pretty much every day since i got it in the mail! its an online store, but the shipping was really smoothly and i got my necklace within a week of purchase!
the quality is really really good for the price, i believe it is made of brass? and the design is just so cute, especially being a los angeles native! 

is an awesome online store selling t-shirts & jewelry
for both men & women!
check it out here

the owner & designer of love nail tree
is michelle & her husband from
who you've probably heard of, but if not, you should definitely check out her blog! she has a lovely style and great taste! i actually know michelle personally, because we interned together at and she is one of the sweetest and prettiest girls i've ever gotten the pleasure to work with! so if you aren't already familiar, go check her out.



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