youth without youth


earrings i just love

"hangman we played,
blind man's bluff 'til they stopped the game.
youth without youth,
born without time"
by metric
hear it here

everyone has their own sort of taste when it comes to jewelry.
personally i love things that are subtle but unique!
i'm not the boldest of dressers, i wish i could be and i envy those girls who can rock awesome styles, but since i know that's not me, i try to show my personality through my jewelry.
when i was younger i collected tiffany jewelry because what young girl doesn't love tiffany's?
and of course i still love the little robin egg blue box,
but now i decided i want my jewelry to be less commercial and much more personal.

these are just a few examples of what would really catch my eye
when it comes to earrings. which ever since i got my ears pierced, have been
my favorite piece of jewelry!
i love it when people notice my silly studs or interesting earrings.
its so subtle, yet someone saw the playful aspect (:
just makes me happy.



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